Camera Care opened it’s doors here in Spokane in 1990. Before starting Camera Care I worked 10 years in Mountain View California for a shop called International Camera Technicians. This was my first job out of school and it was a Nikon warranty service center. This is also where I got my training on medium format professional cameras. The majority of our clients were working photographers and more times than not we had to give 24 hour service because our clients needed their tools for their work. This was the place where I really learned about customer service and the importance of getting cameras repaired and back in the hands of photographers in a timely fashion.

When I moved back to Spokane and started Camera Care I met Mark Nealand from A1 Camera. We have had a working relationship for the last 25 years in one fashion or another. A couple years ago we decided to work together to better service Eastern Washington and North Idaho. This relationship has worked out very well as we both have the same work ethic. It is all about customer service, keeping up with technology and offering fair pricing. We both graduated from the camera repair course that was offered at SFCC. Chuck Bertone was our instructor and he is still very active in the camera repair field. He is the president of Society of Photo-Technologists and he is our go to guy in keeping up with the ever changing advancements in the field of camera repair.

Mark & I are members of the Society of Photo-Technologists and attend the Society’s yearly workshops to update our knowledge in the latest camera models and technology. Resources include an on-line network of over 350 professional camera repair technicians who share ideas and advice.




We will give you a time-frame, based on the initial diagnosis, to complete the work. We understand the urgency in getting your camera repaired in a timely fashion!


Dirty CCD sensors will cost you time and money, editing out annoying spots from your digital images. Sensors do get dirty and need periodic maintenance.


We service DSLR cameras and offer affordable CCD sensor cleaning with same-day service. From damaged memory card slots and circuits, to mirror box problems…we repair it all!